Access, analyze and modify data with excel-like look & feel. Share & collaborate with your team, clients and customers.


Connect to any SQL Server Database

Nothing to install. Just grant access and share URL

Connect to any SQL Database in the cloud or on your network

Connect to any SQL Database in the cloud or on your network

Manage any of your SQL databases in the cloud with ease, control and confidence

A single tool for all your SQL databases

A single tool for all your SQL databases

A modern data management platform that connects to all your SQL Databases and other integrations.

Interact, Share and Collaborate

Interact, Share and Collaborate

Collaborate on data with your team. Share a URL for your query rather than copying and pasting spreadsheets over chat.

Enable access to your SQL database, on-premises or in the cloud.

Import your data from various places. Query and visualise your data


Easily navigate and search

Use a single search box to quickly find any database object across all your connected databases

Data Visualization and Data Analysis

Use excel-like data grids and charts for quick exploratory data analysis and modifications

Join tables together

Join or extend tables together even if you don't have DDL access

Import from excel or files

Import data from files or other systems and map them to the table fields

Role-Based Access Control

Securely control access to your database for authorized users or public access

Share and Collaborate

Create appealing user stories and share them with the world with a simple URL

Access your Database via REST API

Expose your SQL Database through RESTfull API for better integration

In the cloud or on-premise

Enterprise version is available for your own servers or in a private/public cloud.

SQL Data Driven Workflow

Automate and streamline SQL Data Driven Workflow and custom ETL pipelines.