REST API for SQL Databases

Discover our REST API for SQL Databases, transforming SQL, PostgreSQL, and Sybase databases into versatile RESTful APIs for seamless integration.

SQL Data API is a powerful tool that enables easy and secure access to your SQL Server data over the internet or intranet. Our RESTful API for data access and manipulation is designed to provide you with full control of your data, allowing you to access it in any way you need. With SQL Data API, you can easily share and collaborate on data with other applications and technologies. Whether you need to permission other applications to consume your SQL Server or integrate it with custom workflows, our API allows you to do so seamlessly.

SQL Server data exposure to users securely
Data access and manipulation
Integration with other applications and technologies using C#, Python, and JavaScript open source libraries
Full control of your data, including access control, authentication, and authorization
Custom workflows that interact with your SQL Server data in real-time

SQL Data Api is an essential tool for anyone who needs secure and reliable access to their SQL Server data. Our API provides you with the flexibility and control you need to manage your data effectively.

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