Online SQL Client

* part of WORKSHEETS Data Studio

Browser-based SQL client: Unlock database potential with collaborative features, redefining your SQL interactions. Power up your database work!

  • Seamlessly connect to multiple databases simultaneously.
    (MS SQL, Azure SQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase)
  • Navigate, search, and explore your database objects effortlessly
  • Transform your data into a captivating story with resultset visualization, input forms and dashboarding
  • Collaboration has never been this seamless. Share queries, results, or processes with your team
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Low Code tools and platforms

Maximize Results with Our Low-Code Data Management Platform

Try out the user-friendly interface with a tree of data objects, an SQL editor with auto-complete, and a result panel.

WORKSHEETS Data Studio goes beyond that by providing unique features such as sharing and collaboration, easy navigation and search, data visualization and analysis, and role-based access control.

Online SQL Client 2

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