Open Source Projects

At the core of application development lies open source, discover our array of open-source projects, thoughtfully curated by the Worksheet Systems team.


JSPython is a python-like syntax interpreter implemented with javascript that runs entirely in the web browser and/or in the NodeJS environment. JSPython combines Python's popularity and ease of use with JavaScript's rich ecosystem, enabling you to call any JavaScript library with Python-like syntax. This makes it easy to build efficient and maintainable workflows for your daily tasks.

JSPython is a python-like syntax interpreter implemented with javascript that runs entirely in the web browser and/or in the NodeJS environment


Our open-source library bundled with Bootstrap and JSPython allows you to create exceptional user experiences that enhance productivity. With ngx-dynamic-components, you can combine multiple data sources and design data collection forms with built-in validation and transformation logic. It's perfect for both business users and technical specialists who want to explore databases and build custom workflows without complexity.

Ngx-dynamic-components - a configuration based dynamic components library for Angular. That allows you to rapidly create dynamic forms or any other mobile-friendly web layouts


Processing large amounts of data can be a daunting task, but with datapipe-js, it's never been easier. Inspired by LINQ (C#) and Pandas (Python), datapipe-js provides a powerful API for data loading, transformation, and other helpful data manipulation functions. With this library, you can streamline your data processing tasks and unlock insights that were once hidden in your data. Switch time-consuming and error-prone manual data manipulation to power of datapipe-js.

dataPipe-js - is a data processing and data analytics library for JavaScript. Inspired by LINQ (C#) and Pandas (Python) and others.


WORKSHEETS Run-time allows you to run all the applications you've built using our low-code data management platform as standalone web apps or scheduled batch jobs on a NodeJS server. With our robust set of open-source libraries and tools, you can streamline your data processing workflows and take your business to new heights. Try it out today and see how Worksheet Systems can help you achieve your goals!


SQL-data-API-client libraries for (JS, C#, Python)

Take your SQL data management to the next level with our SQL-data-API-client libraries for JS, C#, and Python. Our online SQL client allows you to connect to any SQL database on-premises or in the cloud, enabling multi-user collaboration, advanced querying, exploring, and modifying data. With our client libraries, you can consume your SQL through a secure RESTful service, making it easier than ever to manage your data in a way that is convenient for you. Share and collaborate with ease by simply passing a URL to your colleagues or clients. Find database tables, views, and stored procedures quickly, use advanced filters to analyze data, create custom data queries, and modify data with ease. With features such as bulk edit, foreign fields, and smart merge, you'll have everything you need to take full control of your SQL data management.

SQL Data Api a clients library which simplifies working with SQL Data Api

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