Low Code Data Management Platform

Automate, Streamline and Harmonize Data Processing Workflows with custom scripting


JSPython for data processing and analysis

Leverage a power of python-like custom scripting

Custom Logic

Implement custom data analysis and processing logic and integrate with systems

Test, Run and Visualize

Show execution results in the result panel as excel-like datagrid, chart or custom dashboard

Interact, Share and Collaborate

Extract a valuable information out of your response. Enrich, enhance and share with others

A rich data visualization. Integrated Python-like scripting. Sharing and collaboration feature


A rich data visualization.

Leverage a excel-like data grids, Object Explorer and charts to present your informations at all levels

Integrated Python Scripting

Use our integrated Python scripting for any of your data transformation, analysis or testing tasks.

Share and Collaborate

Create an appealing user stories and share it with the world.