Worksheets SQL Client is a complete Cloud Database SQL Client

With advanced data exploration and data management functionality

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Your Cloud Database SQL Client

Free and easy to use. As simple as:

Connect to any SQL Database in the cloud

Manage any of your SQL databases in the cloud with ease, control and confidence

Manage Cloud Data

Import records in your database. Browse your data in a grid or as charts and exporting data to various file formats.

Interact, Share and Collaborate

Extract a valuable information out of your response. Enrich, enhance and share with others

All you need have to manage your Cloud SQL Database Online

Import your data from various places. Query and visualise your data

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A rich data visualization.

Leverage a excel-like data grids, Object Explorer and charts to present your informations at all levels

Import from excel or files

It is easy to import data from a different sort of files.

Share and Collaborate

Create an appealing user stories and share it with the world throgh as apps or other independent pages