Introducing Worksheet Systems

Today we are proud to announce the launch of Worksheet Systems , a online databases software that allows businesses to manage and share their data effectively.

Why did we create Worksheet Systems?

Every business has unique data that it needs to work with to provide its services, support its employees, and inform its customers, yet not all businesses have access to software solutions that allow them to manage and use that data effectively and securely.

In our experience, many businesses struggle to manage and use their data effectively to support their employees and customers. Popular data tools, such as Microsoft Excel, lack the data structure, permissioning, and security features necessary to provide an effective data solution.

This leaves businesses open to data errors, which are not only time-consuming and expensive but can also lead businesses open to problems if their data is audited. A custom development is an effective option, but budget often makes this an unrealistic option for many businesses.

In response to this we have created a solution that supports businesses, no matter how complex their data requirements are. By providing a data solution that offers permissioning and security features, as well as a proper data structure, we help our customers maintain the integrity of their data without compromising their budget.
Through providing a Free plan, we hope to allow even the smallest of businesses and startups to access our tools. This also means your customers and colleagues can sign up to see your data at no cost.

Check out our knowledge base for articles how to get started with Worksheet Systems and How To guides

Who are we?

We are a group of financial services consultants from FalconSoft who are passionate about providing high-quality solutions to data management. We are experienced at creating custom data solutions for a wide range of data-reliant customers, particularly in the financial services industry.

We have applied all of our knowledge and experience gained from helping data-reliant clients such as investment banks and hedge funds to manage their data to this new tool that is open to everyone. Through Worksheet Systems, we aim to deliver a data platform solution that is available to any business, large or small.

Our team is passionate about providing businesses with the high-quality tools they need to work with their data effectively and unlock its potential to help grow and support their business.

What next?

The launch of Worksheets Systems is just the beginning; our passion for providing high-quality data solutions means that we are going to be continually working on and improving our product.

Some of our plans for the future include:

  • Real-time data updates – You will be instantly notified when a user edits your data.
  • Google authentication – Skip registration and login with your Google account for super-fast access and onboarding.
  • Cross-referencing data – Provide a more complete picture of information for users by cross-referencing information from other datatables.
  • Searching – Quickly find any piece of data by searching across all your data.
  • Most UI features – An increasingly customizable and versatile UI will include drop-down columns, custom controls, forms, and more.
  • More robust data-versioning – Tag, branch your data, and more.
  • More robust data management – Pipeline your data.
  • Integration – Integrate with other in-house and market data providers.
  • Open API – Improve your processes by integrating Worksheet Systems with your other systems and processes.
  • Enterprise Accounts – Advanced user management, white-labelling, and custom domains. Enterprise Account holders will also be able to choose their own datacenter or move the entire platform onto your own infrastructure.

We’ll also be implementing further improvements based on customer feedback: if you have any suggestions for future features or improvements, we would love to hear from you!
Please contact us through our online contact form, twitter or google+

Best regards,
Pavlo Paska

Director & Senior Consultant at FalconSoft Ltd
Founder of Worksheet Systems