Cloud data storage solution, at your service

It wasn’t too many years ago that ‘the cloud’ was purely a meteorological term. Nowadays it has been absorbed by a multitude of industries. The technical basis in which it is used may differ, but fundamentally, the cloud is a way to harness computing power on networked servers that can do the number-crunching and service delivery remotely, rather than having silicon chips and circuit boards sitting woefully under your desk or in your server room.

Having powerful systems working on your behalf means that services that may have previously been unfeasible for many people are now simply an internet connection away. So if that’s the cloud, what’s all this cloud data storage solutions all about?

The fact is, the IT world is changing fast and business are looking to leverage the flexibility of the cloud for their databases. Why? Read on.


Business of different sizes are being creative when it comes to storing their data. MS Excel has quickly become part and parcel of almost every company’s IT strategy and those wanting to utilise computing power that had previously been out of range. The truth is, Excel can still work its magic on the cells and numbers within it, but when it comes to collaboration and sharing and basic functional power, it falls way short. Unfortunately for Excel, these areas are fast becoming the number one priorities for many businesses.

Worksheet Systems’ focus, on the contrary, is collaboration and security. Data is stored in the cloud and therefore can be easily accessed by different team members from anywhere in the world. Data, tables and spreadsheets can be edited simultaneously saving the final draft in one place, rather than on two or more different machines. Moreover, all the changes made by the team member are tracked in what we call an audit trail. It includes all details on what has been changed, by who and at what time.

Cost Effectiveness

Customized database solution, cloud based or not, can cost a lot of money to implement. IT budgets are tight and often for smaller scale business, they are not even there. Worksheet Systems offers an alternative to an excel database, and takes collaboration and cost effectiveness at its forefront. Custom solutions to what we are proposing can be very expensive, but our unique answer is both cost effective and powerful enough to meet all your needs. Your data can be input and managed in the cloud and cloud business application can be build without any coding required.

No large upfront licensing fee, no hefty annual maintenance fee, just simple cloud database solution.

Ease of use

At Worksheet Systems we try to make things easier and help individuals to take control of their data. Importing and exporting data, building tables, clusters and segments does not have to be the domain of the BI Consultant. We have created tools that make setting up and managing data easy to use for any business user. As a result, businesses can minimise their time on building and managing data and can focus on other business matters.

Sign up for our 14 day free trial and find out for yourself how easy it is to use, how effective to collaborate and what a difference it could make to your bottom line!